Let’s Build

The Design Dojo has big dreams - two actually:

  1. Create a resource that makes learning the art of graphic design truly enjoyable and empowering.

  2. Incentivize students to use their graphic design powers to help others in need - and in doing so - better the world.

And that’s where you come in, you awesome design teacher.

The Dojo can only accomplish these lofty goals with your help. The more educators who contribute valuable feedback and adopt this design-for-others model, the better the resource will become - and the bigger the social impact we can make together.

So if you are a passionate educator - eager to empower your design students and help better the world - the Design Dojo wants you.

But just in case that’s not enough, yep, we’ve got more free stuff.

By joining forces with the Design Dojo, you’ll also get exclusive access to even more amazing resources on our super-secret, educators-only page. Just sign up below to gain access.



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