to the Dojo

The Design Dojo is the passion project of 20-year design educator and award-winning creative, Kevin McMahon.


Kevin is the Art Dept Chair and Graphic Design Instructor at Bellarmine College Prep - where they very kindly put up with his eccentricities. He is a 10-year Adobe Education Leader, a contributor to the Learn Adobe book series, and a frequent Adobe Generations Pro “guest expert” presenter.

Kevin’s freelance work ranges from logo branding to animation. His clients include: Adobe Systems, USA Track and Field, Trader Joe’s, Z Shoes, and Stanford University Athletics.



Dual Goals


The Design Dojo is dedicated to making learning graphic design faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

But wait . . . there’s more.

With great design power comes . . . great design responsibility. So the Design Dojo not only provides training, it incentivizes students to use their skill for the forces of good.

We think it’s cool too.

Teachers interested in applying this model to their own classes are encourage to learn more (and gain access to exclusive resources) by joining the Design Dojo teacher community.



The M.A.P.

Everyone wants to master skills that matter - and have some freedom in the learning process. In other words, what really motivates us is mastery, autonomy, and purpose (MAP).

There’s even a great book about it.

That’s why the Design Dojo:

  • Focuses on real-world, professional design processes and design skill mastery.

  • Makes use of an open-sandbox points system and personalizes projects to provide a large degree of autonomy.

  • Limits the ultimate honor of Design Dojo Black Belt only to those who design for a good cause in need - giving such projects real purpose.

For a more thorough discussion on motivation, education, and assessment, check out this TED talk.